Audio Conversion and Stream Recording

Currently, this is just links and notes that I've used to encode and transcode audio. Maybe some day, it will be a bit more verbose... or not.

Converting Real Audio to Wav:

  • rawavrecorder (mirror) - converts real audio files into wav's. Has batch functionality. Free. (Windows)

Converting Real Audio to aiff or mp3:

  • Audio Hijack - converts any audio to aiff. (Mac OS X)
  • Audio Hijack Pro - more powerful version. converts any audio to aiff or mp3 using LAME internally. (Mac OS X)
  • Net Transport - haven't tried it (Windows)

Converting Wav to FLAC:

FLAC - Free Lossless Audio Codec. Versions available for most OSes including Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Converting FLAC to MP3:

The following command decodes a flac file sends it to standard out. It's then piped into lame which encodes it into an mp3. (Broken on to multiple lines)

flac --decode --stdout flac/004.flac | lame --add-id3v2 --tt "title" \
--ta "artist" --tl "album" --ty YEAR --tn TRACKNUM \
--preset voice -v -V 7 - out.mp3;

Converting AIFF to MP3:

LAME - Available for most OSes.

lame --add-id3v2 --tt "TITLE" --ta "ARTIST" --tl "ALBUM" --ty YEAR \
--tn TRACK --preset voice -v -V 7 input.aiff output.mp3;